Hosted Telephony

Heading – Your future telephone system today

Gone are the days when either you are starting a new business and require a phone system or you already have a system that is quite old and really needs to be replaced, either of which will require a high capital costs.

Hosted VoIP allows a really cost effective alternative with the only costs you really need to incur is the cost of purchasing handsets, everything else is provided within the hosted solution which Beanstalk offers for as little as £6 per month per license.

What is Hosted VoIP?

Essentially hosted VoIP means that the telephone system sits in the cloud and you are renting part of this system for your own private use. All the normal features and facilities are provided as standard and it often gives you far more than you had previously. As your requirements become more sophisticated you will find that the hosted solution provides you much greater flexibility by allowing you to pick and choose the functionality you are after whether that be such things as call centre working, Computer Telephony Integration or something as simple as Click to Dial.

Hosted VoIP Business Benefits

Cost Effective

No longer do you have to pay thousands of pounds for a phone system, by purchasing an IP phone and ensuring you have a good quality internet connection is all you require.

Simple and Easy To Use

Our phones come pre configured so all you need to do is plug your phone into a broadband connection and it will just work. This could be at your place of work, at home or indeed if you wanted to take your phone on holiday with you, you can, that is how flexible and easy it is.

Future Proof

The great thing about going with a hosted solution is that you have no maintenance costs and no longer do you have to purchase the next upgrade of software as this is all done centrally. This means that you will always be running with the latest software and if you need to add more people to the system then all you need to do is buy a phone and away you go.


If you are multi sited, have people working from home or have people travelling then this is a fantastic solution for you. All these examples are easily catered for and as soon as you connect your phone to the internet you are connected to your companies network and can do all the things you expect to do when connected to the phone system, even if you are not actually on site where the rest of your colleagues are.


All the standard features and more are included in the basic package. Such things as:-

  • Voicemail and voicemail to email for each user
  • Music on hold
  • Transfer call
  • Group Pickup
  • Call Forwarding
  • Hunt Groups
  • Auto Attendant(* Extra)
  • Conferencing(*Extra)
  • Extension to Extension Dialling
  • Each user has their own DDI number

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